Burency Exchange is a regulated crypto exchange platform (Estonia and Dubai-UAE) that will address some of the key challenges faced by cryptocurrency exchanges including security concerns, liquidity concerns, fiat to crypto transactions, and vice versa.

Burency exchange launched with the most powerful and commonly demanded coins in the Middle East offers more than 190 cryptocurrencies, with easy fiat payment options and credit card payment to be introduced shortly.

Full regulation will also enable a higher volume of transparent transactions, avoiding liquidity challenges. Burency’s other aim is to make cryptocurrency trading simple, accessible, and transparent and bring on board first-time investors as well as experienced traders.

Burency isn’t just a one-stop platform for transacting cryptocurrencies and driving blockchain adoption globally. It has also been engineered in response to challenges faced by the current cryptocurrency exchanges, safety, robustness, transparency, and exceptional security are baked into the Burency design.

This ecosystem is governed by Burency’s BUY token, this ERC-20 type token is the fundamental unit allowing users to trade, request services from our R&D center, or buy cloud mining contracts, it's the basic currency of Burency ecosystem.